What to Expect on Helicopter Airport Transfers in NYC

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Travel and vacations

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Though you probably have ideas of rushing through the air in mind when thinking about taking a helicopter for airport transfers in NYC, you should learn about what will be expected of you and the crew before you plan on your next transfer service by helicopter. While it will be faster than any other way of travel, there are still some things to understand so that you are fully prepared.


You must be safe on your transfer from one airport to another in NYC. Therefore, you will have an orientation that can last anywhere from five to 30 minutes before you are allowed on the helicopter. This is usually done by the pilots and they will familiarize you with the aircraft, protocols and any safety procedures, such as wearing seatbelts. You will likely need to be weighed before you can enter the helicopter, as well.


Most people, especially women, hate being weighed and may balk at the idea of getting weighed before their transfers to other airports. However, the helicopter must be balanced so that it rides smoothly and effectively. Therefore, each person riding on a helicopter will need to be weighed and staff will try to ensure privacy when possible. Once everyone is weighed, the pilot will calculate where everyone will be sitting, based on their weight and other factors.

If you know you need specific seating on an aircraft, due to motion sickness problems, you will want to let the helicopter company know ahead of time so they can make better plans on seating arrangements.


Baggage is allowed on most airport transfers by helicopter. Many companies have a specific limit of weight. If you are unsure, you will want to ask specifically when setting up your appointment. The weight of the bags will also need to be factored into seating and storage arrangements.

Motion Sickness

There are many people who get sick due to motion, including cars, airplanes and helicopters. Helicopters fly differently than airplanes so even those that have no prior motion sickness problems could experience some. Airsick bags are always provided on each helicopter, just in case. However, you may also want to take some motion-sickness medicine before climbing aboard.


Helicopters are noisier than other travel options, but headphones are always provided to keep the level of noise to a minimum. Some even offer music to be played, which can be more relaxing.

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