Turn the Caribbean into your Home Away from Home!

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Travel and vacations

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Vacationing in the Caribbean is a dream come true for many individuals and romantic couples. The islands offer some of the most eye-catching and beautiful scenery, flora and fauna for visitors to admire and photograph. Tortola is the largest island in the British Virgin Islands and one of the best ways to make your stay unique is by taking advantage of Tortola villas for rent. Why stay at a crowded and cramped hotel when you can have all the comforts of home in the privacy of your own spacious and luxurious room? With stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounding islands in the far distance, you can get unlimited amounts of relaxation right from your room balcony!

Let Your Troubles Disappear

It’s been shown in various studies over the years that getting away from the demands of your career and escaping into nature can help rejuvenate your mind and boost creative thinking. For those in demanding and stressful career positions, this can help give you a fresh new start to your same old job. The fresh breezes blowing in from the ocean, the warm sunshine on your skin, and the natural massage of a barefoot walk on the beach can do as much good for your mind as it can for your body. Staying in a villa on Tortola gives you full control over your vacation and how you choose to spend it. You can spend it indoors reading a book by an open window or you can only return to the room when it’s time to sleep. It’s entirely your choice.

Enjoy the Sand and Surf

If there’s one thing the Caribbean is known for, it’s the white sandy beaches. These pristine, sparkling and warm sands are relaxing to walk on or lounge on while soaking up some rays. Watch the sunset or sunrise from your beach chair or dip your toes in the water. If you want to do a bit more than just stroll down the beach, Tortola offers visitors their choice of several walking and hiking trails. These wind through various jungle-type areas as well as onto small mountains to provide a distant view of neighboring islands. Bring your binoculars and a camera so you can always remember the amazing view! One trip to the island will never be enough to see all it has to offer, so be sure to plan another visit next year!

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