Take Your Prom Date on a Helicopter Ride

by | May 26, 2014 | General

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While most teens are going to be booking limos for their prom, consider booking a helicopter ride for you and your prom date. Proms are a special time for teenagers when they dress up and go to a formal dance that has them mingling and dancing the night away. Over the years many prom dates have tried to come up with creative ways to arrive at the prom. Whether you can actually arrive at the prom via helicopter or not is questionable, but you can take a tour of the Big Apple with your prom date before the prom begins. Parents may need to be involved to actually book the tour. Make your prom unforgettable when you book a helicopter ride in New York.

Get a Whole Group Together

To make the moment even more memorable, share it with a group of friends. Such a tour may need a chaperone, but it is still worth it to fly around New York and see the sites before you enjoy the night of your life. Prom tends to be a very fun and social affair that should not be ignored. Sometimes it takes the entire day before the prom to prepare. Such preparation should not go unnoticed. Celebrate it by taking pictures in front of the helicopter that is going to give you a gorgeous tour of the Big Apple. You will make lasting memories with everyone dressed up in their formal attire.

Flights of Fancy

Feel the butterflies in your tummy take flight once the helicopter takes off and you get to experience the breath taking view of New York City from a wonderful vantage point. You can sit back and relax in the spacious cabin of the helicopter as your tour guide narrates all of the finer points of landmarks in your view. Depending on the time the ride is scheduled, you may be able to see the gorgeous sunset, or the colors of twilight bathing the skyline. Enjoy every single moment during your helicopter ride and be sure to take selfies to share with all of your friends. You may even be able to convince your pilot to squeeze into the picture with you so you have lasting memories of your prom helicopter ride. It is the perfect way to begin a night of celebration and fun. Be sure to book your helicopter ride ahead of time so you are assured a ride just before prom.

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