Providing an Employee Travel Allowance to Encourage Green Travel

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Transportation and Logistics

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If you have an employee sustainability program at your business you might want to consider offering an employee travel allowance for employees using greener choices to get to and from the office. You can try the following incentives to get people thinking green for transportation.

Parking Reduction for Car Poolers
If you or your building charge a fee for parking find out if it is possible to offer a discount for employees who car pool. Parking can add up quite a bit and a reduction, even a slight one, will provide incentive for staff to look for car pool groups to join. You can also offer to set up car pools for staff who are interested in participating in the program. This will work well in lieu of an employee travel allowance.

Bike and Hike
There may be staff that live locally who might consider biking or walking to work. This might not work in all seasons or weather, but it certainly is a way to get people not only thinking green, but getting lean as well. Consider installing showers in staff washrooms so people can bike or walk to work and then change and shower at the office. You can also see if you can work out discounts with local businesses for bike shops and shoe stores so staff can have the proper shoes and equipment required to get to work in a healthier way.

Public Transit
Public transit is an excellent option for anyone working in the office. An employee travel allowance can include working with local transit to look for discount options and to even sell tickets and passes at the office. This will make it more convenient for staff as well as save them plenty of money. Think of offering flex time to staff who take public transit to work as an incentive. Allowing them to work with a schedule that matches the bus schedule might make it easier for them to make it to work on time.

Finding ways to offer employee travel allowance options to get people to use more environmentally friendly transportation works for everyone and helps save the planet.

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