Touring from Above in New York City

by | Apr 17, 2014 | General

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Everyone gets stricken with wanderlust from time to time, it’s only natural. The world is an amazing place and there’s lot to see, like the Big Apple and its sprawling towers of people and business. But maybe you don’t want to just visit, you want to want to try something fresh, original. You want an experience that will stay with you, your friends, and family. No, it’s not enjoying the splendor of New York’s incredible traffic jams; it’s taking to the air with helicopter tours. These amazing tours will be exciting and cooler than anything you have ever experienced. They are so much better than hailing a cab or taking other forms of transportation.

Glorious Views from the Skies Above

A lot of flexibility is offered when you fly, mainly the skipped road traffic and use of cumbersome taxi cabs. A majority of the time other services are offered through helicopter tours, like airport hopping or flying you to valid destinations (one heck of a way to make business impression). But mainly it’s the sky, and the sheer beauty brought along with navigating the city scape. Imagine seeing the Statue of Liberty at its eye level, rather than admiring it from below. Imagine observing the long, winding city as the day fades to sunset and bam; you’ve got yourself an unforgettable memory.

Saving money, getting happy

One might think helicopter rides are some expensive luxury reserved only for the wealthiest. Well, it’s true they’re not thrifty, but by no means is one limited on price alone. Air fare rates are cheap and, consider the following. If you want to see New York City, and a lot of it, how do you plan that out? Do you just want to sight see, or have a whole map of events ready to go? Well here’s the greatest thing about flying, aside from you know, flying. It’s cheaper. You spend a lot of time paying for taxi fare or getting around on foot to sight see, when, with a nice, cozy tour in the sky, you get to see everything about the city, all at once, from an incredible perspective. That beats the fury of honking cars and rushing crowds any day.

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