Grand Lake: Comfortable Hotels Near Rocky Mountain National Park

by | Apr 21, 2016 | Travel

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One of the major draws in Colorado is the mountains. All that natural beauty never fails to attract thousands of visitors annually. Some come to hike; others arrive for winter recreation such as snowmobiling. Still others are there to simply take it easy, relax and enjoy the towering mountain views and crisp clear natural lakes. For all, finding some form of accommodation is imperative. While some do prefer to camp, others seek out comfortable hotels near Rocky Mountain Park.

Why Choose Hotels?

People choose hotels for any of several reasons. The main attraction is comfort. Unlike camping, a hotel provides its guests with a solid roof with ample protection against the elements. It has hot and cold running water – with emphasis on the hot. Simply put, hotels tend to provide all the amenities that camping lacks – soft beds, hot showers or baths, privacy and controlled temperatures.

A hotel allows you to choose where you want to eat and even has a microwave or small kitchen where you can prepare a snack without facing the elements that can arise with a change in the weather. If the hotel does not boast room service or a restaurant, you can usually find some place nearby. If not, you can have fast food delivered.

At the same time, staying at a hotel does not deny the wonders of nature. At the best hotels in communities such as Grand Lake, the mountains are only a view away. Open up the curtains and you can see them. In Grand Lake, the Rocky Mountain National Park is only 1.5 miles away from downtown.

For some people, the price of a hotel may be an issue. It is more expensive than that of a site on a campground. Yet, the conveniences it provides do outweigh the cost. Moreover, if you look at sites such as that provided by Grand Lake Chamber, you will discover the range of prices available. Booking ahead may also save you money as will closer proximity to the Park. The location of Grand Lake is one reason why, if you are looking for hotels near Rocky Mountain National Park, you should consider what the town has to offer.

Grand Lake: Comfortable Hotels near Rocky Mountain National Park

Grand Lake, Colorado, is home to many comfortable hotels. As the “Western Gateway” to Rocky Mountain National Park, its accommodations are the perfect combination of easy access to the Park and comfortable lodgings. Whether your decision is to stay at the only lakeside rentals at the pricier Western Riviera Lakeside Lodging and Events or at the mid-priced America’s Best Value Inn, Grand Lake does offer some of the most comfortable and amenable hotels near Rocky Mountain National Park.

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