Attend to Your Spirit as You Confer for Your Business

by | May 20, 2016 | Travel and Tourism

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Anyone who plans to be instrumental in investing or partaking of the business opportunities already available in Nairobi should consider bringing their colleagues with them to learn more about the city and the region. As you consider the various places to stay, be sure to check the availability of meeting rooms in Nairobi as well.

Your first point of business should be to interact with the city and her people. Nairobi is truly the hub of East Africa. Diverse people choose to conduct their business there. As various cultures collide in one city, interesting things occur, but none of those things wipe away the culture that is part of the earth that supports the city. Friendly and intelligent, Kenyans welcome newcomers, and that should go a long way toward making your party feel right at home.


Before you have to settle into your meeting rooms in Nairobi, it is a good idea to enjoy as much of what the region has to offer as possible. The setting for the novel Out of Africa is easily accessible from the city hub. There, you can visit the author’s home, Mbogani, now the Karen Blixen Museum, for a taste of what led a Danish baroness to fall in love with this continent.


If good stories are not enough to make you thrilled to have chosen Nairobi for your business meeting place, you might rather discover how movers and shakers of colonial-era Kenya arranged their most delicate dealings. A visit to Muthaiga Country Club should help you to feel a part of something mysteriously wonderful, but you should not expect to enter on your other world credentials alone. Muthaiga is exclusive, and you will need a member to invite your party to be included in the mix.


After sharing lunch and wine at the Muthaiga, you may be ready to see what all the hubbub surroundings were meeting rooms in Nairobi is. You and your colleagues will be rested and relaxed, and that makes for the perfect time to discuss issues unique to your work. If you have selected the appropriate space to convene, you should have everything you require right at your fingertips. Many facilities provide drinking water, snacks, and even paper and pen to ensure that every need is met efficiently and effectively.

It is amazing to consider that just an hour’s drive from some of the most beautiful Rift Valley vistas, international business is conducted every day in meeting rooms in Nairobi. How fortunate that progress has not entirely intruded up nature. Visit

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