Private Party Boat Rental in Chicago: Enjoying the Sights and Run Environment

by | Apr 29, 2024 | Travel

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Being situated on Lake Michigan and having a deep, wide river running through the city makes Chicago an ideal location for private yacht charters. Cruising the river or the great lake allows everyone to view the city’s impressive architecture while enjoying their time on the water. Private party boat rental in Chicago is available for large group events and couples wanting to celebrate a romantic special occasion.

Yacht Decks

Yachts with a spacious top deck are inviting for people who want to be outdoors. However, since Chicago’s weather can be unpredictable, those arranging the trip will want a boat that also includes an enclosed main deck with excellent climate control. Even if it rains, the experience will be entirely comfortable.

Beverage Options

In addition to the fun environment of a private party boat rental in Chicago, guests naturally will appreciate access to delicious food and tasty beverages. It’s up to the hosts to decide whether to have alcohol served or not. A host might offer free soft drinks and coffee while allowing guests to order alcohol on their own tab.

Food Possibilities

A cruise boat organization likely has several caterers from which customers can choose. The lunch or dinner could be as casual as pizza or sandwiches. There might be a buffet with appetizers, desserts and several foods to create a main meal. These are typically the most favorable options when the hosts don’t want to send out shortlisted menus with the invitations and have guests order their choices beforehand.

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