Three Things You Can Do on Vacation in Chicago to Relieve Stress

by | Feb 3, 2020 | Travel

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Sometimes, you just need to get away from your everyday life to feel better. There are many things you could do to relieve yourself of stress if you live in the Chicago area like Chicago sightseeing cruise. The following are some suggestions for something you can do on your vacation.

Take the Mob Tour

You might think that visiting Chicago’s gritty underground is a bad idea for stress relief, but you might be wrong. You can take a bus tour to see where legends such as Al Capone spent their time wreaking havoc on the city. The tour could actually remind you of how sweet your life really is.

Go Skating at Millennium Park

If you’re into being active, while enjoying the city life, you can do some damage in Chicago by visiting Millennium Park. The skate sessions are free, so you won’t have to put holes in your wallet to have fun. The only thing you’ll have to pay for is the skates if you don’t already have your own. Skating is a wonderful exercise that can relieve stress by giving you a cardio workout and a great boost of happy juices in your brain.

Go on a River Cruise

A Chicago sightseeing cruise may be just what you need if you’ve never been on a cruise in your life. You’ll have the opportunity to sail to gorgeous waters and see parts of the city that you’ve never seen before. A Chicago sightseeing cruise can be an affordable way to get away from it all and just relax.

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