Things to do in Borneo

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Travel and Tourism

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Even though your best option is to enjoy a Borneo Nature Tour, there are a lot of fun things that you can do while you are there. Nature tours are your best route because they take you to all of the beautiful places in Borneo and can keep you busy during the day. However, there are a lot of amazing things to experience when you are not on a nature tour. If this is your first time to the Borneo area, here are some different areas you can visit.


If you enjoy looking a fishing boats out at bay, sunburnt buildings, and love the kind of end-of-the-world feeling that only Kudat can bring, then this is the place for you. While it used to be a very popular place for trading in the later 19th century, it is more of a destination spot for visitors these days. There is a little bit of something for everyone in this region.

Night Market

If you enjoy going to markets and bazaars, then you will find much to do in Borneo. The Night Market is near the large hawker center where you can enjoy just about every Malaysian meal in the book. You will find a wonderful fish and food market where you can find the most delicious tuna, red snapper, and tiger prawns. If you want to get a real taste of the night life and the food that the people of Malaysia enjoy, this should definitely be your first stop. Enjoy a little bit of everything while you are there.

If you are thinking about a trip to Malaysia, you should consider Borneo nature tours with Borneo Eco Tours. They can provide you with a wide variety of tours, hotel and resort options, as well as holiday packages.

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