3 Tips To Choosing Healthier Beach Flip Flops

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Travel

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Flip flops are popular beach foot wear, but they are also notorious for causing a myriad of problems to your feet. According to Web MD, the wrong flip flops can cause foot pain and foot injury. However, you can reduce chances of injury and pain by following the three flip flop purchasing tips below.

Choose Those that Bend in the Ball of the Foot
The cheaper flip flops lack the necessary support and structure required by your foot. One way to find out if they are right for you is by trying to fold them in half or twisting them like a pretzel. If you can do this easily, your choice of beach foot wear will not stop foot fatigue. A quality pair only bends at the ball of the foot. This type of flexibility offers the proper balance, alignment and arch support for healthier feet.

Pick the Right Size
Heels and toes should never hang off the sole’s edge, inviting rocks and potential nasty cuts or a stubbed toe. On the other hand, do not wear an oversized pair of flip flops that may catch on rough surfaces and cause you to trip. If you are driving, be extra careful an oversized flip flop can easily get caught under the accelerator.

Study the Environment
Do not wear flip flops if you will go for one of the famous Italy distance walks or Amalfi coast private tours. For walking wear athletic shoes and hiking shoes for hiking. Wear flip flops at a party, beach, the pool, or even around the hotel if you will be doing some light walking.

Always fun and fashionable, flip flops are now a craze on any beach you step in to. However, you should not wear them with such abandon. Follow the tips above and you will find a healthy pair that you can wear down at the beach as you take in the Italian sun. Contact Italy Luxury Tours at 1 (888)959 7108 for more information. You can connect with them on Facebook for latest news and updates!

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