If you are in Vancouver, why not take the time to visit Victoria. The best way to reach it is not by flying but by taking the ferry. The total cost of a ferry from Vancouver to Victoria is set by BC Ferry, but, as the commercial used to say, the experience is priceless. This is true whether your plans are for a day-trip, an overnighter or for several days.

Planning the Trip

When it comes to trip preparation, planning always helps reduce stress and makes sure the budget and the trip are on equal footing. For a trip to Victoria, you need to look at recent fares and where to pay for them. You have to make sure the tickets you plan to purchase are available for the days you and/or family and friends plan to travel.

Tickets are available online or in person at the Tsawwassen terminal’s ticket counter on the mainland side. By going online, you can avoid line-ups and possible bumping to the next ferry. By paying in advance, you can reserve a spot on the ferry of your choice.

When looking at the cost of a ferry from Vancouver to Victoria factor in any mode of transportation, you plan to use to reach the ferry. If you plan to drive, be prepared to pay for ferrying the car across. If you are a pedestrian, be sure to include the costs of getting to and from the ferry terminals.

The Cost of a Ferry from Vancouver to Victoria

Taking the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria and back does require some planning. You need to look at such factors as local schedules, transportation to and from and other related matters. Whether you book on line or in person, you should know the total cost of a ferry from Vancouver to Victoria before you actually book your ride.

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