Your Melbourne to Tokyo Flights

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Travel Agency

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If you have not planned your vacation, you should consider a Melbourne to Tokyo flights for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. Tokyo is one of the most vibrant and best places to visit.

Tokyo is located in Asia and is the capital of Japan. With more than 200,000 restaurants, unlimited shopping, and many places to visit, Tokyo is the most popular tourist destination in Japan.

There are some great reasons for why to visit Tokyo. Tokyo is a romantic place where you can enjoy your holiday with your partner.

The weather in Tokyo changes with the seasons. It gets very cold in the winter with the occasional snowfall. In summer, and especially in June, there can be torrential rains. Of course, there are cherry blossoms in the spring.

The best time to visit Tokyo is March and April with the first part of April being the best time to view the cherry blossoms. Weather forecasts include reports on the advance of the Sakura Zensen (cherry blossom front). The Meteorological Agency and the media follow “cherry blossom front” as it slowly moves northward. To celebrate, Japanese arrange picnics in parks and temples. The temperatures are pleasant, though spring rains are likely to happen.

This Imperial Palace is a must see in Tokyo. Ask anyone who lives in Tokyo, and they will tell you it is a once in a lifetime experience. Why? Well, that’s because the only time the palace buildings and the inner gardens are open to the public is on the 2nd of January and 23rd of December. You could plan your tour and travel package to Tokyo accordingly.

One modern must-see is the new sophisticated subway and railways. Tokyo’s railway system is a vast network to get you from point A to point B fast.

When booking your Melbourne to Tokyo flights, search online for the best airfares. There are many airlines that provide low-cost, budget-friendly fares to Tokyo.

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