The Luxurious Features of the Setai Hotel, Miami

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Travel

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Miami is renowned for its condos, homes and resorts that provide the most luxurious amenities. No one should visit this city and not expect to see style and sophistication. An example is the Setai Hotel and Residences, which is a tall building on Collins Avenue that helps to bring thousands of visitors to Miami. For a unique style of luxury, the Setai hotel, Miami is available to accommodate any vacationer.

The Setai Hotel

Also called the Setai Miami Beach, this hotel has luxury wrapped up in a high rise building that reaches 38 floors. The typical room has a large bed with adjacent balcony and kitchen. Some floors are made of finely stained hardwood, while others are made of black granite. In the bathroom is a spacious tub with a rainforest shower.

In addition to its regular rooms and suites, you can find a penthouse suite that is available for a very high rate. You’ll have 10,000 square feet of space to roam around and view the ocean from a height. The penthouse resembles a modern apartment with four bedrooms, a steam shower and music room.

Amenities in the Hotel

Like with any large hotel, expect the typical list of amenities, such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis and restaurants. The restaurant serves Mediterranean dishes alongside a grill for Eastern style dining. The open verandah is available for people who like to dine out in the open.
The hotel has a spa and fitness center. The spa contains showers and steam areas that promote the relaxation aspect of any vacation. Typical treatments include facials, body scrubs and hydrotherapy along with yoga classes. For guests who want to stay more active, they can participate in an individualized fitness plan with a personal trainer.

Rooms in the Hotel

The Setai has a large selection of suites and villas. Each room has large, floor-to-ceiling windows with some overlooking the ocean. The suite is designed to host multiple guests at one time. The villa is similar to a suite, but it is larger and modeled after villa houses as found in Italy. In the past, this house was built for the upper classes but nowadays the modern villa is built for the very rich and those on vacation. The average villa has an open balcony with sliding glass doors and a pool or Jacuzzi.

On Collins Avenue, look for wealth and elegance in the Setai hotel, Miami. The hotel gives you everything you need and more for an ideal vacation. It is more than a building and has become a vital part of Miami Beach culture. The 40-story tower contains many of the hotel’s suites, and the penthouse is a major attraction for the affluent. From its oceanfront rooms to its world-class brand, the Setai has all of the features that make up a perfect hotel.

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