Planning for Putting Your Items in Storage in San Jose, CA

by | Jun 12, 2013 | Transportation and Logistics

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Archives you anticipate having to keep your items in storage for awhile, and especially if you think you may want to get into the storage unit from time to time to retrieve something, then before you put your household items in to storage San Jose CA, take a minute to plan how you’ll pack your items for storage and plan where you’ll place them inside the storage unit. Make sure things that you may need to come back for periodically will be within easy reach, like boxes of important papers or documents that you’ll need, or your bicycle or any household items like a vacuum.

You’ll also want to make sure that all your items are protected from dust, water, and rodents while they’re in storage San Jose CA. Storage unit doors roll up like a garage door. Often, at the top of a storage unit door, there’s going to be a gap. It may be only an inch or even half an inch, but there’s usually a gap there.

Keep in mind that dust and dirt and even blowing rain can and will blow through that gap and leave a dusty covering of dirt on your items inside, especially items toward the front. You can purchase inexpensive, lightweight tarps to cover your belongings to protect them from dirt and water.

The floor of your storage unit is going to end up accumulating dirt blowing in, and the floor can get, too. Plan ahead for how you’ll store your mattress and box spring. You can find zip-around plastic mattress covers from any moving supplies store. If the storage unit has pallets to use, take one or two of those and lay them flat, and put your mattress and box spring, inside their plastic covers, up on their sides on the pallets. Use a tarp to cover them on top and to protect them from touching the sides of the storage San Jose CA unit. To discourage rodents, pack linens like comforters and towels inside trash bags with moth balls inside. Make sure you have no food items in storage. If necessary, place a few boxes of rodent bait in the unit.

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