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by | Oct 14, 2011 | Tourism

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The concept of Eco tourism has developed a lot in the last twenty years. Issues of global warming or endangered species pose a threat to the ecosystem and have caused nature lovers to come together and preserve the environment. Companies organising holiday tours are also concerned that vacation tours are also included in the list of threats to the ecosystem.

Tourists are encouraged to try and keep track of the consequences of their holidays on the environment and its effect on the lives of the locals. In fact, trips are all about exploring nature without harming the beauty in any possible way.

The variations of Eco tourism are a walking holiday, an animal conservation holiday or a desert tour. When one goes on an Eco tourism holiday, one is expected to take measures towards preserving the environment and acknowledging the local cultures and customs. For example while on a holiday, you stay at a home that has been made by both natural substances and resources found in that area. This ensures employment for the local inhabitants.

Several travel companies offer highly comfortable Eco tourism packages. The hotels that support Eco tourism packages usually have cost cutting features. These include power saving devices like automatic lights and also some water saving facilities helps in keeping the costs low. Places where they do not have these facilities include certain measures such as limited time for laundry and special laundry service with extra charge available only on the special request of the guests.

Another aspect of Eco tourism is disaster management in case of natural disasters. The hotel supporting Eco tourism takes relief measures in order to help the neighbourhood with conservation projects. There are some travel companies that encourage the tourists to buy local food and products. This is done in order to promote employment in the locality.

eco tourism

eco tourism

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