Top Three Reasons To Rent A Bike In NYC

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Tourism

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The Hudson River area is one of the prettiest in New York City. There are a ton of historical sites, cultural locations and green spaces you can enjoy. Little Italy, Chinatown and the World Trade Center are all in this beautiful area of New York. For anyone hoping to find a new way to enjoy their old neighborhood or for new residents looking for a way to explore, a bike rental may be exactly the experience you are craving. Here are the top three reasons to rent a bike in NYC.

Reason #1: See The City

One of the biggest reasons to rent a bike on the Hudson River is to take advantage of the sights of the city, without needing to get in and out of a car to do so. Walking is a fantastic way to explore smaller neighborhoods, but when it comes to trying to see as much of this area of New York as possible a bike is your best bet. There’s no need to push yourself either. Cycling at a comfortable pace can help you enjoy the sites even more.

Reason #2: Exercise

Personal trainers and fitness experts alike have long been pushing cycling as a way to sneak exercise into a person’s daily routine. Getting from one point to another, with sightseeing or another goal in mind can help make this type of exercise seem less like work. Taking a day on the weekend or when you are otherwise off work and exploring the Hudson River area on a bike can be a fantastic way to find a new workout method for you, or to just spend an afternoon getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air.

Reason #3: Safety Equipment Provided

Another perk to renting a bike is that all the required and recommended safety equipment is included. Some bike rental companies will even include a bike lock, map and suggest routes, so you can explore without worrying about your rental bike. Other safety equipment, like a helmet, is also included.

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