What You Can Expect from Your Nairobi Luxury Apartment

by | Mar 2, 2017 | Travel and Tourism

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In Nairobi, discerning tenants have a few options when it comes to choosing an apartment. Those with the most exacting tastes, though, typically end up in luxury apartments in Nairobi. If you are considering booking into one of these elegant residences, you can anticipate a high standard of living. While each luxury apartment is different and each unit unique, you should expect the following from any high-end rental.

Luxurious Suites

The biggest advantage of booking a luxury apartment over a hotel or standard unit is the luxurious environment in which you will live. The best ones have extraordinarily beautiful suites, decorated with the finest finishes in Nairobi. Even better, the extra square footage of these luxury units will give you the room needed to spread out. As such, if you are wavering between booking a hotel and renting a luxury apartment, you might think about not scrimping space.

Athletic Amenities

The best luxury apartments have access to a full-service gym, sauna, and swimming pool. If exercise is important to you, you will likely appreciate taking advantage of these athletic amenities. Whether you are in town as a tourist, businessperson, or in another capacity, you will probably welcome the ability to stretch out and exercise at the end of a long day.

Conference Rooms

Discussing businesses over the top of a queen-sized bed in a hotel room can be particularly unprofessional. If you need to conduct business while you are in Nairobi, you might want to rent an apartment that has conference room access. The best luxury apartments in Nairobi offer facilities equipped with Wi-Fi, projectors, and screens to their tenants.


If you want to cook your meal, your apartment probably will have a kitchen that will allow you to do so. For those who would rather not play chef, the best luxury apartments offer a restaurant their tenants can visit. Generally, the best of these offers a varied menu, featuring both local fare and foreign cuisine. Or, you might find a place serving sumptuous French cuisine. Either way, you can probably expect fine dining just steps from your unit.


You can typically expect your Nairobi luxury apartment to be in beautiful condition. Staff prioritizes routine maintenance, ensuring you will always come home to a functional, beautiful building. If there is an issue with water or power, the best apartments will have a backup borehole and generator to keep service going. Similarly, if you have a problem with your unit, you can usually await quick repair from your luxury apartment’s skilled staff.

If you are planning a short- or long-term visit to Nairobi, you might consider booking a luxury apartment. If you do, you can expect an elegant living experience from the Andrews Apartments in Nairobi.

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