Enchanment Awaits in Beautiful Borneo

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Travel and Tourism

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Tropical rainforest exploration, world-class diving, and rugged mountain climbing – this is what the island of Borneo holds for visitors. A Borneo vacation is a sensory overload of sounds, smells, and sights. See bright birds with wild bill designs. Smell the humid air of the rainforest and her inhabitants. Hear calls among the canopy, in the dense underbrush, and above you on the mountains.

Animal lovers make Borneo a ‘top-10’ on their bucket list plans. People want to see the elusive Rhinocerus Hornbill – a huge bird with an intimidating bill complete with a large, colorful ‘Rhino’ horn atop it. Others hope for a glimpse of Pygmy elephants or Probiscus monkeys. Wildlife safaris into Sukau, Sandakan, and Danum Valley allow guests to experience the thrill of seeing these animals in their habitats. Whether you chose to explore by boat, stay in a lodge, or venture into the rainforest, there are plenty of animals that will be surrounding you.

Of course, if you want to experience more than just animals on your Borneo vacation, how about taking a kayak tour of Gaya Bay, or lounging on the white sand beach of Sepanggar? You could also take a relaxing dip into Poring hot springs, letting nature soothe your muscles after exploring a jungle trail on Gaya Island.

Many people want to experience the culture and people of Borneo – not just the animals and places. Kiulu Valley Farmstay allows guests to stay with local families. Think of it! Making new friends, trying your hand at rice planting, playing games – you can truly immerse yourself in the life of these friendly people.

Whether it’s trying to spot the Borneo Big 5, diving off Lankayan Island, or making lasting lifetime friends in Kiulu Valley Farmstay, this island paradise waits to satisfy your wanderlust.

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