4 Great Museums to Read About on Flights to Frankfurt

by | May 2, 2019 | Travel Agency

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If we take flights to Frankfurt, we will have several hours to fill before we land. Fortunately, we can read about some of the most intriguing museums to be found in the city.

There are many fascinating facts connected with Frankfurt, but we can learn plenty by reading about (and perhaps visiting) the following museums.

Stadel Museum

This fascinating art museum takes us through 700 years of art history. It is now over 200 years old. It offers various exhibitions delving into the lives of artists connected to Frankfurt and into various artistic techniques used over time.

German Architecture Museum

Flights to Frankfurt allow us to look over the city before we land. Many fine buildings can be seen there. The German Architecture Museum reveals more about them. It is housed inside a building dating from the 18th century, forming part of the history of the city itself.

MMK Museum of Modern Art

This is a more modern museum, dating from 1981. Known as Museum fur Moderne Kunst or simply MMK, it can be found inside a modern building, shaped like a piece of cake. Minimalist art and pop art are among the exhibits inside.

German Film Museum

If we express an interest in film, we can expect to learn much more by stepping into this museum. Displaying the history of film-making, it offers permanent and temporary exhibitions to view. Filmic Vision is one of the permanent highlights we can explore while there.

Flights to Frankfurt can become boring if we do not plan to pass the time while on board. However, reading about some of the many museums that can be found in the city is a worthwhile exercise. It makes it easier for us to plan what we will do with our spare time when we arrive.

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